Human Electromagnetic Entanglement


Human Electromagnetic Entanglement

[God Demands To Be a Potential]

No one would dare step out of line once in their life if God and hell and heaven were a certainty. Free will, the potential God’s grace of availing intent, requires believing, not knowing. Quantum Biology and a sub-division, Human Electromagnetic Entanglement, requires observing. Believing is for things that are important. Observing is for discerning what is important.

How I Incidentally got started 13 years ago:

1. Play favorite song loudly on phone.
2. Put tip of tongue 1/16″ from base main speaker. Feel buzz. Boom. That is your first quantum perception.
3. Repeat x11, x12, x12. (IMPORTANT)
4. Place frenulum or clitoris over main base speaker. Feel sweet buzz. Boom. That is your second quantum perception.
5. Repeat x11, x12, x12 (IMPORTANT)
6. Congratulations! Your new 6th sense is Electromagnetism.

Dr. Richard Feynman said what it really took to make a new creative scientific discovery was an extended period of free time. He had said he would have liked to have 8 years to work on something. I’ve spent 13 years focused on on new scientific idea, after a moment of truth by inspiration in 2013, while watching an internet livestream.

I’ve discovered that all human’s personal electromagnetic fields are entangled together at some base level, such popularly known as E. pluribus unum. And after learning techniques, skills, and methods of Human Electromagnetic Entanglement, such can be augmented to higher levels of entanglement, and potential sexual contact can be both mechanically articulated, or imagined, but most importantly perceived in one’s awareness, and palpably in erogenous zones.

It’s free speech, and I feel the potential God does not want me hoarding these techniques, skills, and methods like a secret deviant creep, and, so hopefully you’re already a believer when you read this. I must share with Americans.

Every iota of information about a living human body is contained smoothly and continuously encoded in their electromagnetic field. Thoughts are ironclad materials. They are granted this blessing from the circulating iron that is their foundation and essence, by the particular life they add to the electromagnetic field of a person, which is chiefly the product of that body’s beating heart.

A hosted brain orders a thought from the undefined, and most importantly silent Zero Dimension, a threshold, the one single doorway the entire universe fits snugly in, (all thoughts require silence at some point, either their origin or along their path to awareness) where such are fabricated according to brain activity, and all thoughts being created “rub shoulders” with each other, so all adult brains can all communicate with each other. Upon completion, the thoughts effects are delivered to an awareness.

There’s trillions upon trillions upon trillions upon trillions upon trillions upon etc… of material thoughts in the Zero Dimension. Perhaps every thought ever thought, and all that ever will be thought.

Mass itself is not the source or origin of gravity. Order is the source of gravity. All mass has order doesn’t it? So more order is more gravity. Well, in the Zero Dimension, the material thoughts assume almost a divine order, Perfect Disunion actually, evenly spread out everywhere and nowhere at once, without dimensions to exist in, and that is a high magnitude of material order, which creates or sources a high magnitude of gravity, which perhaps is the likely source of all the seems-to-be-missing gravity in the universe, if such is truly missing. The Zero Dimension exists everywhere and nowhere at the same time; that’s an effect of such being undefined. It is the base term used to define whatever other dimensions exist, such that all thoughts exert such ordered gravity evenly throughout our universe.

Over 13 constant years of busting my ass, heart, and mind, I’ve developed 47 personal senses beyond the basic 5. I can simply describe how I perceive any one of them.

Personal Sense #51


This personal sense is a braced electromagnetic field, (a pair already entangled beyond everybody’s unversal base entanglement, popularly known as E. pluribus unum) that in my mind fabricates a citrus/gold spraypaint ear ringing that smells very faintly of acetone and tastes saccharine.

[the 120 Senses] (5!)

Mine so far:

Agape Love
Electromagnetic Windspeed
Sexual Disingenuity of Communication
Agreement of Will and Intent
Broadcast Alert
After-after Taste
Sound Trans
Fallen Arches Potential
Fallen Arches
Fake Autoimmune Response Potential
Fake Autoimmune Response Confirmed
Seated and Pleated
Grounded and Founded
Short-Circuit Posture
Asshole Cryptography
Arch Supercharger
Actual weight
Precognition of Communication
Origins of Communication

I’m a typical American. I could, should, and would teach any American male 25+ or female 21+ how to develop the techniques, skills, and methods to acquire their own personal senses beyond Electromagnetism.

I will tell how I perceive any one of my personal senses. Just ask.

13 years ago, I had a moment of inspiration in truth while observing an internet livestream. I now call such ‘electromagnetic entanglement’ Since then, the start of 13 continuous uninterrupted years to focus on a new creative scientific idea, I have employed the scientific method to void the possibility that such was all in my head, and to void the possibility that such depended on altered state of consciousness from a drug.

It is my fervent, holy, educated, and experienced belief that Human Entanglement facillitates human conception.

I can immediately verify veracity of these claims over the phone in 10 or fewer seconds. My phone number is 712-420-1392

I would prefer a Biology or Physics Department to sponsor me and to assist me in figuring out some final details, (like how basely entangled electromagnetic fields become more entangled, and how fertilization is just transfer of electromagnetic information) and to be the ones to publish the first paper about it. I’m waiting on a several institutions though.

Any may also call just to talk.

Summon courage.
Summon intrepidity.
Be excited.

I am an honest, decorated Iraq War Veteran; I have accrued 3/4th of a BS Mathematics from UNT, and sexual entanglement is a material reality. E. pluribus unum.

Update: “the Zero Dimension”

It seems likely that only totally original thoughts or such partials are crafted by a brain, all thought partials and complete thoughts being solely hosted by the silent Zero Dimension.


Such originals are likely uncommon to some varying extent.

A simple explanation for thoughts is that ubiquitous, common, and not uncommon thought partials and complete thoughts have particular indexed positions in a golden order of such electromagnetic materials hosted by the Zero Dimension, all such being graced with the core material essence of circulating ferrous iron and such electromagnetism that christens and baptizes every iota of any thought.

Not simple would be that every brain has to consciously or subconsciously think about thoughtfully thinking up their thinks to finally be finished thought out thoughts, doing the same thing over and over again for thoughts and acts that repeat in a general sense of repeating. That’s straight heinousity from the Department of Redundancy Department!

Occum’s Razor would likely suppose that a brain merely administrates and articulates neuronic accesses to interdimensional spaces and finds the order locations of practical or relavent thoughts, storing directions to such therein, amongst the Zero Dimension, with economics in finding a thought appropriately consistent with a current identity’s will and/or intent, building, annotating, and placing in proper order any original thought partials or complete thoughts it might come to acquire or display from some simple set of thought foundations if and when any such original imaginations were employed by an identity in some manner.

What’s more likely: 1. Everybody manufactures content upon content then somehow unmanufactures such for every thought that everyone ever has? Seems like a lot of extra complexity. OR 2. There’s one central thought depository, and that library is consulted and rennovated by all brains by and for their individual thought processes.

Thoughts cannot exist unless silence abounds. Thoughts are discrete patterns of electromagnetism, and sound requires mediums of which such matter carries its own electromagnetism, which would necessarily effect the shape and/or weight of the subsequent or complete thought.

Without such a simpler explanation of thoughts, the material reality of Human Electromagnetic Entanglement that I’ve spent 11 continuous years developing and proving, requires an explanation for action at a distance.

The Zero Dimension might also house some or all merit for the buildup of neurological biases for what is called muscle memory.

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