"Helen" the author's femail patternless yearling Emerald Tree Boa

This page will eventually have information for snake lovers like me. Also, live webcams from their habitats soon!

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  1. What a beautiful snake! I love snakes. I used to have a baby corn snake when I was a kid.

  2. Anthony Clayton says:

    You ssay “we use to catch garden snakes in a barrel” as kids,
    Although I don’t explicitly remember that, I could see myself doing something like that
    and not being afraid of snakes to go catch’em.

    I fugally remember the pink house across the street as my two sister’s and I would go over there to play/interact with the kids that lived there (you and your siblings).
    That would have been in like ’83-’84. So young and oblivious to the fact of you’ll being follow Clayton’s or of any relation.

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