Zero Eight-Sixteen (ZULU)

Stranger powers yet

This will never be a day that I will ever forget

The instants, moments, minutes and the hours

Joy and sunshine is what war devours

Oscar-Mike maybe to nowhere

Head on a swivel just sit and stare

There’s nothin’ like the comfort of an Abrams that’s just nearby

Not talkin’ bull might have to kill some guy

Then I find myself in servility

Scared as fuck but proved my ability

I go a meter and klick it makes me sick

But then I’m happy see

They have so many ways to make your days an obstacle

Danger starts to grow future’s so

Tenuous and I’m glad

I hope I make it home to see my dad


It’s 0816 Greenwich Mean Standard Time

Lives are on the line

My eyes open I’m just hopin’ see him before he sees me

Never-ending carefully

On the sidewalk in the fog

You’re right I had to kill a dog

It was necessary

22.7 metric degrees

March April May will decide (who comes home alive) {LiFe}


Tougher opponents still

If they’re gonna wanna fight another day I will

This call, deal with a kid

Sealed with a ball

Sealed with my name on every ball that I saw

Today was forced to let a man slide

Made my decision took his last ride

For we will never be younger again

Than what do you see


It’s 0816 Greenwich Mean Standard Time

Our mind’s all start to rhyme

Eyes still open I’m just hopin’ someday I’ll get some sleep

So far, killed carefully

At night you must be silent as a log

That’s why I killed another dog

It was necessary


Observer calls on the radio

FDC knows where those shells will go (the dead last to know)



A place where they now must make their own time

They’ll always have my interest

Maybe the same reason I was happy to finally be homebound

I had to do some more work

Biased to aggressively act after I left Iraq

I’ll try a new life, writing from inside a dungeon with a torch

Of course I love all dogs

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