Okay gang – you can read the date-stamp! Its early, I’m not sure of this sites future, but I will tell you all – you WILL find interesting musings contained herin, the bulk coming as I create a place here to publish a very strange journal I once wrote. I don’t want to spoil it, buit it basically chronicles my struggles to identify, define, and somehow illustrate the inner dysfunctions I’ve dealt with since coming back from a war.
So for now – I’m refining the site towards these ends. Please continue to check back – the jewel will be placed only when the setting is perfectly formed to accept it…

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6 Responses to caution:

  1. pvt schmuckateli says:

    Hell doc, I remember you well. I just might keep tuning in. Semper Fi.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Schmuck is that you? Can’t believe ur still kickin – figured your wife had killed you after Thailand! Good luck man – keep in touch.

  3. Colby Holland says:

    Nicely done, Matt and Jody. Having known Matt since he moved next door to me in 1985, I can certainly attest to his creativity in writing, his knack for telling a story, and his poetic and evocative style of prose. I’m looking forward to reading what’s to come!

  4. Jeremy howard says:

    Hey MEC lookin forward to your sites evolution. Keep up the writing it’s a gift not to be wasted!!

  5. amber says:

    Great gift from your aunt and you are gonna do a fantastic job on this…..I will be reading up on this even though i already know the whole story, i would like to still go back in this time period with you again and again since you did run away with my heart in 1995!!!! dang you anyway….-love always,your girl,-amber-

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